Nature without the rough

Terms & Conditions

Our yurt camp caters for quiet family holidays. However our yurts are not always the only tents at the lake, the camp site is used by other campers and the occasional wedding. Any weddings are situated on the far side of the lake. Please try not to disturb other campers. We will warn you in the booking process if a wedding event is pre-booked.

Due to the rugged terrain and nature of the camp and the yurts regretfully we are not suitable for wheelchair users. We have endeouvered to make our camp a safe environment for the elderly and young, however please read and follow the safety instructions and terms below and those contained in your yurt guide.

Health & Safety

Your responsibility

Please ensure that you and all other adults in your party read the following information on health and safety. You are also responsible for any vulnerable persons in your party. E.g. young children, the disabled or the elderly. Any deliberateor intentional non-compliance with our terms and conditions may lead to endangering those in your party and yourselves.

Yurt Camp Guide

Please read our guide to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday – there’s lots of great ideas and things to do in there too!


We do our very best to provide a safe environment. Please be responsible for your children's safety at all times, especially around hot stoves and camp fires.

Serious Accidents

We cannot accept liability for any personal injury loss or damage which may be sustained by your party or their guest or their property during your stay at Sopley Lake Yurt camp, except where it arises from the negligence or wilful default on our part. You will be held responsible for any serious damage done or loss sustained to property during your stay.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety in and around the yurts, cooking area and fire pit
Each yurt has a heat, smoke and CO2 detector and multiple fire extinguishers. We also provide heat resistant gloves for loading the stove for your protection. Please see the yurt camp guide emailed to you before your arrival for more detailed information. All fires must be damped down with a small cup of water before going to sleep and all gas lanterns must be extinguished.

Please keep fires small and manageable. Be aware of naked flames, please keep any candles or tea lights outside the yurts, and not within 1 meter of the yurt itself. The wood burner chimneys get very hot when the wood burner is lit so do not touch the chimney.

Adults only to use wood burner, gas rings, BBQ and fire pit.
Whilst guests must take full responsibility for the safety of children or other vulnerable persons in their party at all times, Forest Yurts recommend that children below the age of 11 years remain under immediate adult supervision whenever the griddle, hob or wood burners are in use.

Small Print


Dog are welcome on the site, but please keep them under control at all times.


Your Yurt is available from 3pm on the day of your arrival. It is not possible to have access to the site before 3pm. On arrival please ensure you read the Camp Guide in the Yurt if you have not read the Guide emailed to you. All Yurts are non smoking. Please always remove outdoor foot wear before entering the Yurt.


On the day of your departure please leave the site before 11am. You are kindly asked to leave everything in a clean and tidy condition. Thank you.


You accept responsibility and the cost for repairs for any damages to the yurt and the yurt site made by your party during your stay.

Yurt Capacity

The adult and child capacity is a stated on our web site. The number of persons cannot exceed the number as advertised however you may decide to sleep adults on children's single floor mattresses. Forest Yurts cannot guarantee the comfort of the latter. Bedding and towels are provided to the number in your booking.

Lost Property

Any property left behind will be returned by post on request only. All lost property will be kept until the end of the season and then disposed of.

Cold Weather & Heavy Rain

The yurts are remotely located and there is a long farm track to the site. Although the track is in good condition, it can deteriorate in persistent rain. Persistent cold weather can freeze the water pipes to the bathroom despite precautions. Should the weather deteriorate the road or cut off the water we reserve the right to cancel your booking at short notice. A full refund will apply.

Yurt Change

Forest Yurts reserve the right to change your yurt to another. The location will remain the same, and the standard of yurt decoration and facilities will never be compromised.

Stag Do's

Unfortunately we do not permit Stag events at Sopley Lake. This is due to a previous inconsiderate party that disturbed other guests. Any bookings that subsequently turn out to be stag events will be asked to leave Sopley Lake immediately with no refund.


We are primarily are family holiday location, please respect your yurt neighbours. We also have a council issued noise curfew for amplified music at 10pm.


If you cancel your holiday with greater then one calendar months notice we will refund your deposit in full, minus any PayPal commission charges we have had to pay (this is sometimes refundable depending on the lenght of time elapsed), typically 3.4% plus 20p per transaction. Please note if you pay via BACS or cheque this is not an issue.

Should you cancel your holiday within one calendar month before your arrival we are unable to offer refunds. We will attempt to sell your dates, and if successful will offer you alternative dates. Please note if your booking includes White Elephant & Dragon Yurts and you cannot cancel one of the yurts within one calendar month of your stay.

If full payment is not made within 72 hours of the commencement of your holiday, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and retain the deposit.

Forest Yurts Ltd are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event they are prevented from fulfilling your Booking as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events ("Force Majeure"). We recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place to cover this.

What is included

Clean towels, bedding, one bag of logs/day, 5kg of charcoal for the BBQ, torches, spare batteries, lanterns, spare gas and batteries for the lanterns, kitchen ware, table ware, gazebo and hammocks.

Extra Cost

You can purchase extra bags of logs at £5 per bag payable in an honesty box.