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Customer comments

"We had the most fantastic stay and beautiful yurt in a stunning location, the ideal place for our celebration. Incredible, we will be back... xxx"

"Absolutely magical! Really enjoyed getting away from it and chilling here. Picking fruit was great fun! Would recommend and definitely come back!"
Tailti and Paul

Green Glamping

How green are we?

green glampingHow green is glamping? I guess that depends on the facilities on offer. Full flushing loos and hair driers all come at a price to the environment. Somewhere along the line a balance has to be struck. However secluded glamping locations can become challenging to fulfill the basic needs of glampers, to make their stay more glamping than camping.  With imagination and research these solutions can benefit our surroundings too.

At Forest Yurts we are committed to low impact environmentally friendly glamping. Where this conflicts with the safety or the basic necessities of our guests the latter always has priority. Below is a list of our green credentials. We hope over time that list will grow.

All wood is supplied from local sustainable sources and provides valuable income to local business.

The meat we supply through our local farm shop to your yurt fridge is all local produce lowering the impact to the environment and again providing essential income to local business.

We also encourage our guests to use Sopley Farm Shop for the freshest fruit and vegetables. No need to drive, it is grown on your doorstep and is a short walk around the lake and field to pick your own. You can download a list of available seasonal veg and fruit.

All cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Please no need to bring and use your own.

All body products including hand soap and shampoo are environmentally friendly. Please no need to bring and use your own.

Our loos are composting loos - no chemicals, water or damage to the environment.

Recycle your bottles at the bottle bank provided for you at Sopley Farm Shop. Further recycling facilitites are available in Bransgore village centre one mile away.

Battery recycling boxes provided in each yurt.

No mains electrical power is available at Sopley Lake Yurt Camp.

An environmental survey has been completed by New Forest Ecological Consultants to guage the impact our yurt site has on the habitat surrounding Sopley Lake. We are proud that our small footprint is having a negligible effect. We have also taken action on the advice given to encourage and improve the conditions for our more permanent residents.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help lessen our impact on the environment please email us at

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