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The Maharaja's Yurt - fit for a prince... and a princess!
24th February, 15
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"Fantastic experience, much better than expected. Murphy was in seventh heaven and I am sure we will come back when Ben is old enough to enjoy it - he is 5 months old"
Kate, Paul, Ben and Murphy the dog

"Had the most amazing time! You have got it so right! Well done you should be very proud. Thank you and see you in September - our happy place!"
Frazer, Emily, Arrabella and Poppy

The Maharaja's Yurt - fit for a prince... and a princess!

yurt interior shoppingOur new yurt, The Maharaja's Yurt, opens on April 1st. Although the yurt (ger) is hand made in Mongolia, the main rug hand made in Kyrgzstan (Shyrdak) - the overwheming influence in our new yurt is from the North West of India.

On a recent trip touring that region Helene our interior designer trashed many a poor shop in search of treasures to bring back to line our yurts, but specifically our new offering - The Maharaja's Yurt. Fit for a prince to travel his empire in glorious luxury, this is the aim of our latest offering.

Although as yet we do not have any interior photos of the yurt (it is not going up until mid-March in time for April 1st when we open) please come back to see more nearer the time. We love what Helene has done, and we know you will to! The Maharaja's Yurt will sleep up to 4 persons so your family can enjoy the experience too. However it is an ideal yurt in which a couple can escape. And if The Maharaja's Yurt is not available, please try our Love Yurt, also designed by Helene and without doubt our most popular yurt for last year. 

You can check availability of our Maharaja's Yurt, and other yurts designed by Helene. 

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